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and so is oth, tomorrow i will attempt to write a review of how i thought the episode went...until then nate/hales and jimmy jam were so cute :)
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the big 26 :)

no snow this year :(

saw grace potter a few days ago!!!!!!!!!!!!! and brett dennen
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speechless...i hope to god it's not true...that this is all an elaborate plan to, i don't know, screw nathan scott over...i need to do some research before posting any more of what i think and how it will apply to this storyline

mark i know we wanted more story lines and believe me we are getting them, but does it have to be at this price for our favorite couple???  this is a make it or break it point situation that will, could and will most likely completely ruin his career...not to mention shatter this happy and stable family (well as much as any family could be) ruin 6+ years of faith hope and love in one of the most stable and sane families of one tree hill, completely ruin haley and jamie and their devotion to their husband and dad respectively

ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww...rachel and dan.........WTF!!!  icky enough with uncle cooper, but did she really have to sink that low???what does dan have on her?  was she forced out of necessity or...GAG...out of some weird thing going on

love me some kate voegele!!!  i wanted longer mia and haley scenes...love where hales is acting out peyton and luke scenes where she is trying to figure record label things out.  def love LOVE haley scenes to date so far.  my co-worker thinks quinn is out to steal nate from hales, i told her no way is that going to happen...and now i know i was right, but at this price of a storyline

CRY :(
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for those that like delta goodrem her U.S. video for "In This Life" is the free video download this week

if you have never heard of her or haven't bought her music before,please go get this, you'll love it!  plus it's free, where can you go worng?
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how much i love this song right now...sigh...wish it was longer...makes me crave joy's unreleased music that we haven't heard even more

so in honor of this blog title i shall make a list

...I Want Something That I Want...

1 i've lost 29 lbs since pa died, i wish others would quit making me feel guilty if i still occasionally eat sweets and fries and other things like that. even though i am losing my weight will still flucuate weight wise because this time i refuse to deny myself something that i want
2 this stupid election drama to be over with...there are more important things in life...family friends, etc
3 to be more selfish and pursue farther the things i want instead of letting others influence my decisions
4 to write more often and share it with you guys (whether it be fan fiction or something of mine)
5 to fully finish my songs and share them here
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to all my girls here on livejournal :) you all know how when Kate Voegele is here in Michigan; I make it a point to see her concerts because I enjoy her music that much, so much that I go to every concert being the fangirl that I am. Well, this time there was a really cool artist that opened for Kate this time. You all know that I won't buy any one person's album unless I absolutely love their music, and only if I can relate to the music itself. You guys also know that whenever I come across a new artist that I really enjoy that I keep you all in the know and do my best to get you hooked on their music.

Now is my time to get the word out about this new artist that I like, and her name is Lesley Roy. Her first album comes out on September 30th, and I absolutely can not wait until it comes out. Please check out this recommendation I have for you, and remember that she is still on tour with Kate Voegele. If you live in any of the cities listed below, I highly recommend going to Kate's concert and getting to hear Lesley Roy in person.

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would say it is new, but it is a cover from her husband's (Michael) band Enation.

the song is called "Feel This"

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@ The Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, Michigan. February 11, 2008 :)

i will add more tomorrow :)

p.s. alex winston, me and kate voegele
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going to watch the lovely Kate Voegele (Mia) perform in Ann Arbor this Monday, she's going to be performing with a singer named Alex Winston that i have met and have gotten to see a few times over the last year!!!  this is me with the singer i know

 i'm going to do my best to get a pic with her :) 

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